Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Costume Suitcase


Photo from FairyLove, cause I can't get over how awesome they are and because I've fallen desperately in love with their Rainbow Bustle Tutu

Every girl should have a costume suitcase. "What?" you say. A costume suitcase. It's an old suitcase, maybe from a thrift store, maybe from your parents' basement, maybe from the trash pule, but it's a suitcase and it's old. And then when you see groovy accessories that you must have but, face it, you won't wear everyday, you plop them in your suitcase. The reason this is a fabulous idea (as if it needs explaining) is that say one day you're bored and decide to just put all your most flamboyant, fabulous artifacts on to dazzle the world with your grooviness.

Well, this way, all you have to do is grab your costume suitcase and dive in. Or say you are having a party and it needs some life. Break out the suitcase and make everyone partake of something fabulous. Make Jeff wear the feather boa and Marie [<3!] wear the butterfly wings and Marcel wear all the belts AND the beaded mask.

~from Hey Day! Super-Amazing, Funk-da-Crazing, Ultra-Glazing Things to Do, Make, and Ponder Every Day of the Year by Super Clea and Keva Marie

Seeking sartorial inspiration from your reads? Try these!

freakshow Freak Show by James St. James

Tonight my hair will be pink and my skin will be blue. There will be feathers on my ace and ruby rhinestones on my lips. I will be swathed in a flowing cloak of iridescent sequins. My eyelashes will be so long and heavy that they will obstruct my vision. I will be forced to let a nearly naked slave boy carry me around...



Vibes by Amy Kathleen Ryan

He takes one look at my thick legs in their fishnets and my skirt I made out of Mylar birthday balloons and my tank top that barely contains my ginormous boobs and finally the eyeliner I cake over my eyes because it makes me look dangerous...



fruits Fruits and Fresh Fruits by Shoichi Aoiki









Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins

Amanda was wearing a little shift of off-white the neckline of which she had sewn peacock feathers and beads of black glass. It was a thin textile and she wore no bra. The sun warmed her chest like a Vaporub.



born-confused Born Confused, by Tanuja Desai Hidier

...I had watched her before my dresser mirror as her lips deepened to garnet. Zoomed to the eyes as she used wet violet liner to pull off a perfect imitation of Kavita's Cleopatra look and then, with surgical steadiness, toothpick, and cosmetic glue, applied tiny drugstore gems to the tips of the lashes. Snapped just the strands as she drew the scintillating choker in place, worked the hair-clip earrings from lobes to coruscating cornrows, adjusted rakhis into armlets...

And you, awesome readers? What reads give you sartorial satisfaction?


Lisa Chellman said...

I confess I take very little sartorial pleasure in my reading... Usually I think, "Why are they talking about clothes again? Who cares!" I think this says much more about me as a fashion nitwit than it does about the books. :-)

carey said...

hello, CLAUDIA KISHI. :)

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