Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hex and the City, Part Two

While perusing the racks at my friend's Borders in Florida, I came upon a most interesting tome:


Let's face it: You know what you want, but somehow you're just not getting it. What you may not realize is that you control your life--and Click! shows you how.

Based on the idea that what you give is what you get, Click! explains how to figure out what you really want; how to focus on your goals using positive energy; and, ultimately, how to achieve those goals.

By creating more positive energy every day, you can stop waiting for good things to happen and make them happen. In fact, you're about to click send on a whole new kind of E-vite to the universe--and finally get the mail you've been hoping for!

Yep. It's the Law of Attraction for teens. Except instead of planting a money tree, you E-Mail the universe. For all I would have snarked in the past, the authors appear really well-intentioned, and if there's anything the world needs right now it's positive energy.


LisaMay said...

Hey :)
Your blog is so awesome! So you want to exchange blogroll links?
I'm adding you to mine!

As for the three columns I just googled something like three column blogger layout/template and found site that told you the HTML to adding it in, I just use minima white.

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