Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Change of Face

Awesome readers, it's time for you to know of my secret plans for LSL.

It's been a great two years reviewing the best and brightest of YA literate, genre fiction, and life guides for the Francesca Lia Block fan, but sometimes one feels a change in the wind and must follow accordingly.

From now on, it's chick lit and chick lit only. The more preposterous, fluffy, and catty, the better. I'm just not interested in stories about art and magic and blazing your own trail--too taxing! Too idealistic! I'd rather live vicariously through my reading material, with shopping and wooing handsome men, thank you very much. So expect to see a lot more of this:


in the future. Thank you and goodnight.




martini said...

G...goodness, that was the first good april fool I've had all day. XD Almost believed it. ALMOST.

Bri said...


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