Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Celebrate Angstgiving in Crafty Style

Hearts, flowers, smooching couples all over my must be St. Emo's Day again. I'm a happy bachelorette who plans to live the day up ice skating and girl-bar-hopping with her friends, but I know some of you readers may have waited for last minute to get started on your S.O.'s gift. Oops! Well, no worries, because here are the creme de la Stumbleupon for last minute crafty gifts, none needing more than a trip to your local Crafty Emporium (with maybe a side trip to the grocery store). If you're a single lady like me, why not surprise the treasured confidant in whom you confide your true insecurities and share dating horror stories? They deserve your love too!


1. Does she drag you into every toy shop on your route and giggle over little things? Win her heart (and attention span) with Not Martha's Surprise Balls.

2. Does she want to drag you out on V-Day for yet ANOTHER Anonymous Protest? Before you don your masks and hand out the confetti, surprise her with a Flying Spaghetti Monster Necklace.

3. The bookish sort? Bookmark Books. Seriously, these are the cutest and most useful things for the obsessive reader. Half a dozen with a fresh pick from her wishlist, and she'll be singing your praises on her book blog.

4. If she favors polkadots, Cupcakes Take the Cake, and handmade body products from chichi shops in the city, make her a set of Cupcake Bath Bombs. Cue comments about being good enough to eat.

5. Knitty and fond of knicknacks? MochiMochi has free patterns for cute little love monsters and tiny hearts to show your love for a chick with sticks.

6. Prefer something colorful and edible that screams "I came out yesterday"? Rainbow cupcakes. Psychedelically delicious.


Lisa Chellman said...

That cupcake (the actual cupcake) is disturbing! I guess I can't handle my foods being that many colors at once...

...though I fondly recall the rainbow Jell-O my mom made for my birthday when I was like 5. Then again, Jell-O's already disturbing.

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