Monday, July 14, 2008

How to Make a 3D Collage

Art by Peregrine Blue

Wait until it rains and turn off your computer. (Unless you want to make a cyber collage, but that's another story.) Get all the cool stuff you've been saving, that poster you peeled off the wall in the city, scraps from magazines, the picture of Moon's place with the sun mysteriously casting stars on the side of the building, that Japanese candy wrapper you found on the ground, and of course the five hundred pics of your pals and enemies and the strangers whose images you like to steal so you can turn them into members of a fictional tribe. Make sure you've got lotsa ordinary stuff, like buildings and trees, and then you start gluing the stuff all together on stuff cardboard and bend it this and that so it stands up and pretty soon you have this whole surrealistic village that you've been doing since you were eight, and Zack picks through it, making the tiny, thin cutouts fly up buy you don't get mad. In fact, you don't even finish cutting out that pic of Orpheus from his CD cover because you'd rather go back online than glue his head onto that fish riding the bicycle through the ill-conceived, half-finished, psychedelic suburban neighborhood.

~The Orpheus Obsession, by Dakota Lane


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