Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Devil in Petticoats comes slinking back...

It turns out that interning at That Famous Third-Wave Four-Letter Magazine and grad assisting at East Coast Library School (while taking two classes and editing a second draft of your first book) will eat up most of your time.

Other than that, I have no excuse, especially since I've been reading more than ever. (Long commutes will do that to a girl.) While I'm toiling away and making decisions about how I'm going to be writing reviews from here on out, why don't you enjoy some links?

*If you haven't heard, director and mixed-media artist Lori Precious has bought the film rights to Weetzie Bat, and she's posted a call for What Weetzie Bat Means to You, The Reader.

*I'm totally addicted to Suzi Blu's videos, and have no shame. She's this wonderfully vivacious, creative woman who sends out little weekly invites to get a bit messy and dance with your muse and all that fun stuff.

(You can find her on Blogspot, too.)

*If you, like me, are interning around Union Square, you may enjoy Chickpea(baked falafel and pesto hummus) and The East/West Cafe(vegetable latkes and chai lattes) as much as I have.

Polyvore is my love, truly. You can satisfy your inner fashionist's pleas for more frills and gaudy jewelry without breaking the bank or your dignity.

*Speaking of food, bitterbutton is my favorite
edible-things blog. Marvel at her terrarium parfaits, white spotted linzer owls, and tiny, tiny layer cakes.

*Some Girls Wander, on the other hand, is my favorite fashiony-things blog. Doily scarves! Shoes with birds on! Antique flower cuffs! So much love.


Carrie said...

thanks for introducing me to suzi blu!

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