Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Real Change of Face

Hey Awesome Readers!

You've probably noticed it's gone a bit quiet round here--I've had a crazy month. (In one word? Girls. In several? Girls and grad school.)  I still love LSL and have absolutely no plans to leave it (Working on a couple of reviews as we speak, as it happens). However, I needed something fresh. That, my loves, is my No Longer Secret Other Blog:

girls. books. food. art. love.

All the wonderful, whimsical, weird content you love here in bite-size pieces throughout the day. Content's a little less sweet and a little more twentysomething over there--think The Sassy Minx (<3!) as opposed to Pink World. If you're so inclined, you can wade through the archives--I put up almost 200 photos, links, and videos in the past month.

Speaking of, don't get a Tumblr. It will eat your life.

By the by, new Francesca Lia Block interview over at my other new favorite blog, Deer Women. It's all about her new books. I also just fired off a quick email to the lady herself to see if I can find out a bit about that dating guide. (If you know me at all, you know exactly what the question was...)


Penny Lane said...

hello darling!
i am back again! my crazy life has finally settled down a bit again so i am back to the blogosphere! i shall indeed check out your newest page, i am truly excited! have a wonderful day!

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