Monday, February 23, 2009

Bitchin' Kitchen: I think I'm in love. With pasta.


There's a primal part of my brain that responds to beautiful, irreverent women who raid John Water's kitchen to bring you a laugh, some carbs, and happy warm feelings of being amongst your tribe. Nadia G. serves up Italian-ish recipes with sass, wit, and a couple gallons of olive oil on her webshow, Bitchin' Kitchen.

Got a problem? She'll slap your (metaphorical) ass and feed you. (It's like going home again.) Hit the appletinis too hard last night? Try the Rehab Ravioli.  Meeting the girl's (or boy's) parentals for the first time? Go for Impress the Inlaws Gorgonzola Farfalle Pasta. Need your leafy greens? Try Garlic-Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

If you can't handle her gesticulations, we can never meet in person. Just a warning. Buon appetito, i meie amici!

Oh--and don't forget the cookbook!


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