Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Are Among Friends

Please sneak You Are Among Friends (written, performed and produced by Lindsey Markel) onto your friends' ipods, add it to your teen sister's playlist, burn it onto mini-cds and leave it in the park and between the covers of appropriate books in the YA section of the library. Listen to it and know you're loved.

Except maybe not at work. It talks about petting the kitty.


this is the free podcast version of my zine you are among friends, my love letter to every girl. very pro-optimism, pro-masturbation, pro-empowerment. please feel free to listen and share. you can get the paper copy on etsy.

advice on high school boyfriends, credit cards, sex, God, brains, bodies, break-ups, stories, conjuring your own brand of brave beauty and brilliance...

(P.S. The music she uses is fab!)


Lisa Chellman said...

I really enjoyed listening to this. Thank you!

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