Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm off to visit a dear friend in Florida for the weekend! I'll be back on Sunday afternoon with a story and a review and whatever else has followed me home from the Sunshine State.

By the by...

Since I've read Vanessa Valencia's post on the subject, I wanted to make it clear that whatever photos and drawings I publish on this blog are Creative Commons-Attribution/NonCommercial Generic 2.5 licensed. You can take them and remix them however you'd like, but I'll ask kindly that you 1. credit me and 2. do not use my art for commercial work.

It's important to always respect the wishes of the individual artists, and I wish Vanessa and her colleagues luck with solving this mess.

Take care! I'll see you on Sunday!


Penny Lane said...

Yay well have fun dearest!

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