Sunday, January 18, 2009

And if I die today I'll be the happy phantom...

From Gala Darling:

Post a photo of yourself looking REALLY, deliriously happy...!

Why not?

And who else had braces and still covers their mouth when they laugh?

Me and Camera 014

Me and Camera 025

This is from a convo I'm having with an LJ friend, reminiscing about wisdom from my late mother (such as "I don't care who you like, Rie, just stop whining about it").


Penelope said...

Girl, in that first picture you look like a dead ringer for Rachel Maddow. For serious.

Penelope ♥

Rie said...

Take note, awesome readers: that is the BEST COMPLIMENT EVER for a 20something sapphist.

Thanks, babe!

carey said...

happy rie! love!

Lisa Chellman said...

Waaaay too cute! :-D

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