Sunday, December 14, 2008

Moving? Maybe? Not Yet...

Hello all!

After the fifty billionth time fighting with Blogger and its layouts (I still love you guys, it just ate my blogroll), I'm looking to move on to another free blogging site. Never fear, I won't ever, ever delete the content I have here, and would probably mirror it at the new site.

How many of you amazing readers use Wordpress? Do you like it? I'm impressed with the functionality, but perturbed about content warnings. Not that I'd ever go above a PG-13 or so, but I'd hate to see things deleted. What say you?

Things I Am Looking For in a Blogging Site:

1. Tags. Tags and Labels, like NOGOODFOME, would be amazing

2. Three-column layout support

3. PG-13 content support


Lisa Chellman said...

I've used WordPress this fall for some work projects, and I like its functionality and interface pretty well. But I can't speak to the freedom of speech issue, like how stringent are they about flagging blogs for "adult content." It would be a warning flag for me, too, but such are the compromises we make for free blog hosting...

Fishberry Jam said...

I really, really like wordpress

my favourite would be typepad but for free ~ wordpress is where it's at

SO much better than blogger


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