Tuesday, December 2, 2008

But there's the box and there's your name...

This is Amanda Palmer.

She is my epitome of womanhood.* She's created an awesome, beautiful video with drag queens and cabaret dancers and a big band sound and...football hooligans. Clearly, this is a brilliant, talented, beautiful woman.

Her record label, however, doesn't quite agree with me.

Do you think this is as ridiculous as I do? Then join the Rebellyon! You bet mine would be up there if I had any aptitude for writing on my stomach, backwards.

*Of course I respect Ms. Palmer for her mind and soul and brains. That said, I'm teased sometimes for having a type** and dark hair, light eyes, deep voice and men's clothes totally fits it. Swoon.

**"Rie, I saw you walking in St. George with your Cute Ex."

"That wasn't Cute Ex, that was The LIS Student That I'm Mad For."

"DAMN, Rie."


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