Monday, November 24, 2008

7 Facts, 25 Books

Sweet Penny Lane at Buttercup Kisses tagged me with the random things about yourself meme. Since I feel so bad about neglecting my awesome readers, I'm combining the facts with book recommendations. Enjoy!


1. I played with dolls until I was 13 or 14. In fact, I love pretending things so much that if you asked me to be a British wizard or girl detective with you, I'd still join in at the advanced age of 23.

My favorite doll books are When the Dolls Woke, The Secret in Miranda's Closet, and The Doll's House. I also love Changeling and The Egypt Game. One of the reasons Annie on My Mind spoke to me so clearly is because its main characters love pretending things, too.

2. I'm a little new-age woowoo, in a secular-pagan kind of way. Sera Beak is one of my idols; The Red Book speaks more to my spirituality than any other. (Okay, as well as Teen Goddess by Catherine Wishart--I don't agree with everything she says, but empowering yourself, spreading love, and dressing up to express your inner awesomeness are my spiritual trifecta.)

3. I love utopian/dystopian stories fiercely, especially those by Tanith Lee and Angela Carter--I like their decadent writing and struggling-against-the-crowd themes. The best are the Claidi Journals, Biting the Sun, The Silver Metal Lover, Burning Your Boats, The Book of Flying, The Garden, and The City, Not Long After. Of course, Ecstasia and Primavera play their part in this love as well. (P.S.--I'm always on the lookout for new recommendations!)

4. My personal heroes are Eugene Walter and Jeanette Howard Foster.

5. I have the inner personality of a theatre-chick and only crippling stage fright (and a love of books) kept me from that particular corner of the universe. How I Paid for College and Attack of the Theatre People help indulge that particular facet of my personality. I can't wait to read Dramarama and My Life: The Musical.

6. I'm also in love with fiber arts, even though I don't think I have any aptitude for knitting or crocheting. The Chicks with Sticks books let me live this out vicariously--as does browsing beautiful handspun wool on Etsy!

7. Macaroons are my favorite cookie. I may not have tried them if not for The Girl Who Ate Everything. (I get mine at Le Petit Belge on 14th St.)


Robyn said...

Thanks for linking to my site! :) I'm glad I could help you with your macaron consumption. I haven't been to Le Petit Belge yet; gotta put that on my list.

Lisa Chellman said...

This particular awesome (it's ok to say that because you said it first, right?) reader missed you! Welcome back.

I checked out The Secret in Miranda's Closet from the library sooo many times when I was a kid. I don't know why it spoke to me, but apparently I did.

I wasn't playing with dolls at age 13, but I was definitely out in the woods with my friends playing King Arthur or Robin Hood. :-)

Dramarama was fun. I like E. Lockhart's writing a lot.

carey said...

oh, you know i played with dolls til i was 14 as well. actually, around 12 i switched to troll dolls, under the impression that it was slightly more socially acceptable. well, no. it was socially acceptable at the time to collect troll dolls, but it was probably not so acceptable to give them all names and personalities, to construct houses for them, to make fake tv shows starring them, or to write bsc-inspired books about them going on cruises and having exciting and romantic adventures.

i'm very happy to see you posting here again, too. <3

Penny Lane said...

Yeehoo! Wonderful and absolutely chock full of new books for me to disappear into :) You are truly fabulous :)
Good luck with the rest of your term! It's almost break! YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

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