Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Interview - Mixed Multitudes

Francesca Lia Block changed the face of young adult publishing with her first novel, Weetzie Bat — a book that was mature (both in the “sophisticated” sense and the sense of mature themes) beyond francesca lia block anything else that was being published in the genre of children’s literature at the time, but never lost sight of its primary audience and never stopped being, at its heart, a book about a teenage girl. She’s influenced by imaginary realism writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Jeanette Winterson, as well as early film (think Georges Méliès) and the golden age of Hollywood. Weetzie is the tale of a girl whose father (a Jewish immigrant) became an effects man in Hollywood, and whose life starts off surreal and blossoms into a fountain of weirdness.

Francesca Lia Block: Learning to Quake
(Matthue Roth is an excellent author in his own right. I very much enjoyed Never Mind the Goldbergs.)


Penny Lane said...

Why thank you dahling, it's good to be back! I have missed reading your thoughtful and inspiring posts! I shall have to go back and catch up!

matthue said...

hey, thank you! i randomly found your blog tucked away on the website at my job -- i'm honored on all fronts.

also randomly: soft skull just tasked me with finding people to write about my new novel. if you want an ARC, just write and let me know -- matthue at geemail.

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