Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Leaving Shangri-L.A. Reader


Those of you that know me outside of cyberspace are familiar with my "paper livejournals"--the scrapbooks I carried around quite frequently during college, filled with daily ephemera and striking beauty from the hallowed archives of bloglandia and elsewhere.  Owing to my college's generous printout limit, if I found something I loved, I arranged it in an attractive manner and printed it to scrapbook in one of my bag-sized journals (5x7, unlined, preferably spiral bound, medium weight paper--I'm picky). I've fallen out of the habit, but have all sorts of good intentions to start up again; the fall season always inspires me to work on creative things of all sorts.

What went into a Paper Livejournal? Lists, stories, fanfiction, pretty bits, anecdotes, anything inspiring and colorful and a bit magic that caught my eye.  Friends have asked for favorite bits so they could make their own, and now I oblige.

*Inspirational Show Tunes: the story of the ukelele-playing, showtune singing subway protestor from a few years back

*Dance of the Sugar Plum Lesbians: this one speaks for itself. Awww.

*100 Surreal Things that have Happened to Me, by Seanan McGuire. This is famous for a reason: funny, creative, and yes, surreal. On a more serious note, her 50 Thoughts on Writing are incredibly useful.

*Revenge of the Librarians, originally published in The Mag, all about why my future colleagues are badass. Know it, read it, love it.

*Feeling Fae: Glamourbombing as Magical Acts of Revolution: Is it strange that I put academic papers about guerilla art in my journal? This is the best Glamourbombing 101 I've seen thus far.

*Combating Dailyness: an excerpt from my favorite book nobody's ever heard of, Milking the Moon by Eugene Walter.

*How to Transform Your City: by the proprietors of Newmindspace, a performance art troupe

*Becoming an Artist: a retrospective/how-to on how to give your own party inspired by SARK's How to Be an Artist poster.

What about you? What pieces would you add to your scrapbook? What photos, what writing? Inquiring minds would love to know!


Britas said...

wonderful list! :).

carey said...

this is a wonderful idea. and lord knows i need all the inspiration i can get these days.

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