Friday, August 1, 2008

People in my Neighborhood


* Intern Sarah J did a review of Comic Book Tattoo on the BUST website
which is more comprehensive than anything I could throw down. Awesome!

*Intern Caroline has a fashion-y blog, Louise or Valentine. I swear, is it the season of the blog? Everbody's signing up. Now all we have to do is talk Jessi into joining and I'm set.

*Good LJ friend Carey has a photo/slice of life blog: sun moon stars rain. I'm glad she joined us.

*Styrofoam balls+urban landscape=terrific guerilla art

*Make your own: cherry blossom lights, origami lucky stars, paper roses,
artsy doily racerback tank top

*Recent Francesca Lia Block interview at (run by three ex-Witchbabies! It's such a small world.), with much talk of future projects and her favorite music. There needs to be a Witchbaby reunion, for serious.

*Ashley Lorelle of Luscious Letters was sweet enough to post this recent Publisher's Weekly article about Francesca Lia Block


carey said...

thanks for the link! i haven't had a public blog in years, and it's kind of exciting starting a new one. :)

Penny Lane said...

I have been so happy and excited for all the new Francesca Lia Block stuff coming out! I have missed her and am glad she is releasing all these wonderful new books :)

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