Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Call to My Readers: Juicy Writing by Brigid Lowry


I've had a rather exciting weekend visiting the Jersey shore and going out dancing for the first time in two years. After that was the BUST party last night, where my fantastic friend Marina shot some video I will share with you in the near future.

For now, I have a request to ask of all of you.

I am having the hardest time trying to find a copy of Juicy Writing, by Brigid Lowry, for less than 30 dollars shipped (US sellers want anything from $40 to $60! Madness!). I may bite the bullet and order it from the publisher's website, but I'd prefer to pay less than that.

Thus, the deal: Whoever helps me find a copy of Juicy Writing for less than $20 US shipped will get an art commission of their choice. (It helps if your choice is a cute girl doing cute things. I draw those best.)


minnie said...

whats the publishing company? my aunt works at penguin putnam if they have it i might be able to get it for you

fishberryjam said...

I found one for less that $40 (shipping included)

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