Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Next Exit, Wonderland: A Blog Soundtrack

If you've ever asked the burning question "What exactly is she listening to while she composes those posts," wonder no more.


Brought to my attention by the lovely Dayna Desastre, Mixwit allows you to make cute little mix tape playlists for your blog, easy as anything. (Also, it uses one of my favorite streaming music apps, Seeqpod.) I've made a folky, summery little grrl-filled mix of my most heavily rotated tracks.

1. White Rabbit - the murmurs
She woke to find that her bunny slippers had turned into many tiny white rabbits, in rainbow hats, playing the drums. Cold feet are a minor inconvenience, as is a too-slow shutter speed.

2. Crimson and Clover - Joan Jett (<3!)
In her daydreams, the bride always wore deep red with crinolines and American Beauty roses, and walked down the aisle blessed by the Goddess of Rock.

3. You Could Be - Mixel Pixel
There was nothing in her contract against bringing in animatronic dinosaurs to help with storytime.

4. Open Your Heart - Lavender Diamond
"The skates are from a thrift shop, and the little piano is from my childhood," she told me, "but the dance troupe sprung up of its own accord."

5. As Cool As I Am - Dar Williams
Work at the magazine was much improved by falafel pitas with avocado and dance parties in the bathroom.

6. Siren Song - Sweet Soubrette
There was no other explanation for it: her best friend was a ukulele-playing mermaid vaudeville star in another life.

7. Grass Skirt - All Girl Summer Fun Band
Everyone went bobbing for squirting rubber goldfish in the Tiki Punch.

8. 32 Flavors - Ani DiFranco
They met over the street vendor selling sock puppet portraits; it could have been true love but damn if she would let Mr. Freckles get away this time.

9. Raspberry Swirl - Tori Amos (Storytellers Remix)
The former lover would be missed, but a mango lemonade, a good bass line, and a particular shade of neon red light were almost as good as sending a thrill up her spine.

10. No Rock and Roll Fun - Sleater Kinney
The perfect outfit: white button down, fitted black pants, shiny sky-blue shoes. Accessorize with a skinny tie and the blond with the guitar quoting Anais Nin.


Penelope said...

No way! Wow - great minds really do think alike!

Love the new layout, by the way!

goovie said...

ok, i am so in love with mixwit now. (so much cuter than muxtape, for one thing! :)

dayna said...

!!! Oh yes! I love the little quips you added about each song! And Crimson and Clover is on there! Thats an all time favorite of mine!

dayna desastre

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