Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If You Loved: From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

If You Loved number two is up at BUST.com, and it's one of my favorites this week.

Kirsten Miller's Kiki Strike books are like Nancy Drew meets the best of BoingBoing--full of weird stuff and girls kicking butt. Check out the post for more info, and then hop on over to Kiki Strike website for the online exclusive story, The Colombia Conspiracy. (For shame, Ananka! Barnard's library is so much better...)


Kayla Ice said...

Oh good gracious i am so excited now! I have been looking for some new fantastic books to read, and Nancy Drew has always been a favorite. Thank you!

p.s.- i stumbled upon your blog through ms. penelope bat (cocoa's) blog and though i would stop by and introduce myself! Why, hello!

Kayla Ice said...

No thank you dahling! You are the first ever person to comment on my new blog!

I was a very exciting even for me. I did a little happy dance :)

I look forward to reading our next post!

Kirsten Miller said...

Wow, I am so flattered! To be compared to one of the GREATEST BOOKS OF ALL TIME on a website I've always admired. I'm practically speechless! (OK, that never really happens.)

Thanks so much. I will be checking out the feature (and your blog) from now on!

Oh, and when I went to Barnard the library was pretty boring. Has it changed?

Kirsten Miller

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