Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Comics, Ghosts, and Venus Fly Traps

Like many of you, I usually have a couple of creative projects brewing. Currently, I'm working on a comic series with my friend Krista. She draws, I wrote, and we both brainstorm until wee hours of the morning about the virtues of vortices vs. the Mothman.

I don't want to say too much, as I'm a superstitious sort, but it's something like the child of Weird N.J. and Blue Monday with a touch of Boy Meets Boy and Coraline. Creepy, kooky, mysterious and snarky. As all roads lead back to Polyvore, I've been whipping up sets to help figure out just who these ghost chasers and folklore hunters are.

Come, meet the cast!

Stella only falls in love with girls she can't have, because it's easier to deal with unrequited crushes. She plans to write her thesis on the perils of psychic powers and teenagerhood in YA literature, and marks up her books with mysterious notations only she can decipher. Her dormroom houses a dollhouse full of lizards, and points to anyone who gets that reference. Japanese snacks and steampunk comic books make her happy, but don't tell anyone that she was a convention-roadtrippin' fangirl in her teens. Come midnight, you'll find her engaged in an act of bibliomancy or fighting with her favorite tarot deck.

Taylor finds that his case of synesthesia only aids his choice to major in art. He enjoys yard sales and thrift stores, especially when the objects start talking to him. He secretly wishes that Doctor Who will show up when he's walking to class and make him a new companion, so he always keeps his bag packed.

Eleanor doesn't have secret powers that let her blow things up with her mind, so she became a chem major. Those who spend a lot of time with her soon realize that everything she says comes true in the future, which leads to a rather empty dance card. The gummy 'staches are a gift for Taylor; he uses them in his 3D Design class, building a tiny carousel entitled "Mustache Rides."


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