Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby's First Blog Award!

The illustrious Penelope Bat has gifted me with my first blog awards!


Both are passed on to blogs that are inspiring, uplifting, and all-around peachy keen. I can get behind that. Now, the official rules are that you tag seven people, and then they have to do the same--but you guys are under no obligation to follow up. Just bask in being amazing!

In alphabetical order:

Cocoa is a charm bracelet of word paintings, style tips, and beautiful images. She's also a fantastic penpal, and always quick to put in a good word for a fellow blogger, so here's mine for her. Add her now, cause then you can say you knew her when.

Bitterbutton is all-around wonderful, featuring such edibles as terrarium cupcakes, owl linzer tarts, and Superman lemon pies. Simply the most creative and unique food blog out there; may many more follow in her example.

The Ladies at BUST are turning their website into one of the must-see stops on the web for the smart and sassy pop-culture obsessed but culturally aware ladies, gents, and everyone in between. I'm so glad to have been a part of their team!

Disasterville rocks a mix of heartfelt advice, classy photography, kicky fashion editorials and little groovy bits to make your day better. Dayna's also one of the soon-to-be-famous-fabulous femmes who's helping me turn LSL into a better place on the web, so cheers to her for her patience with newbies!

Pink World is Lisa Clark's groovy little pink home on the web, featuring interviews with inspiring peeps, the latest in kitschy fashion accessories, and some pretty rockin' book reviews as well.

Treats and Treasures
is tempting, colorful daily hints of my favorite artist journal. She's inspired my own journaling, with her quirky layouts and fun subject matters, not to mention her play with different kinds of media.

Ullabenulla is one of my longest-read blogs, and for good reason: each entry is like stepping into an exquisite cache of antique jewels, forgotten books, little worlds for dolls and insects, and Victorian forest animal theatres.


Dayna Desastre said...

eee merci dollface! I made a special award to give to my favorite blogs, and you are (of course) on the list. Because I love you! Anyways, the lil' award imagey thing is over at Disasterville!


bitterbutton said...

hey there! thanks for your really kind words!!

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