Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Arrivederci, Shangri-L.A.

Why the blog title, you're probably wondering, when I'm a fan of Ms. Block?

Because when I first devoured her ouvre, I wondered where to go from there, because one needs new themes to explore, and there are so many wonderful authors out there that need the exposure.

Also? Writing's fun.

What to expect from Leaving Shangri-L.A.? Book reviews, of course. Movies too. Links to interesting arty things that Weetzie Bat would approve of, and localish (NYC tristate area) events of an odd or charming nature. Comments are more than welcome; flames will be fed to the fairies so we can watch them explode.

In short, "Loved Weetzie Bat? Here's what to read next."



SuperGoalie said...

i posted a comment!! :-)

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